20 Apr 2013

The social networking giant Facebook is really up to something. Well, for past few days, it has been bringing a lot of changes and modifications in its current system. Just recently, it announced a set of changes in order to improve the experience of users and to increase the basic possibility for developers of mobile phones to build apps that would integrate with it.


07 Mar 2013

It is surprising to see the amount of changes and updates Facebook is starting to do. One of the recent update or you can say makeover is the News Feed. The basic aim of this makeover is to make users use the social networking site more often and attract new means of earning advertisement dollars.


07 Aug 2010

What is Facebook OpenGraph ?
We are started building applications using Facebook opengraph protocol. Which is going to be really a great model in the future as it seems like future of semantic web.
The Open Graph protocol was originally created at Facebook and is inspired by Dublin Core, link-rel canonical, Microformats, and RDFa.


13 May 2010

TweetDeck is amazingly perfect for social media sharing without any question. It provides complete support using APIs provided from Linkedin, facebook & twitter. I really amazed first with Adobe AIR, RIA platform desktop client.
It has all settings with APIs, columns, enable & disabling functionalities, updates/tweets, type of updates & more.


05 May 2010

You can implement N.Sandwich platform offered by, to get maximum benefit with Social media. You will be able to work easily with social media enabled by Kohana PHP. You can start a Face book application with the Kohana PHP.
This will be just an entry on vendor code snippets. These snippets will add functionality to Kohana PHP application when you are implementing N.Sandwich.