Indhumathi D

25 May 2018

The recent technological advancements made in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Internet of Things has set the ground running for the next-generation of intelligence. The impact of this revolution has affected various industries, including fleet management.

Indhumathi D

14 Mar 2018

Can you imagine a day without a smartphone? Terrible, right?
Technology’s role in our life is drastic and transforming the way we live and do things. When it comes to transportation, technology and mobility roll out plenty of convenience to the users and serve an inevitable portion in bringing effectiveness to its operations.

Indhumathi D

22 Dec 2017

The upcoming years are expected to see an exponential growth in fleet management. There is seen an advancing trend in the automotive industry and 2018 is predicted to be a pivotal year accompanied by numerous revolutionary changes. Here’s a comprehensive look at where the fleet management industry is heading to.
Connected vehicles

The age of Autonomous vehicles is not that far away.