15 Dec 2012

Various ecommerce websites that are running using the groupon script helps in driving traffic to online stores, especially during the slack time. In addition to that it even helps in maintaining the proper inventory count, selling perishable inventory fast and building a customer base that is loyal.


05 Sep 2012

The e-commerce world has seen new heights with the introduction of group buying concept in the market. The e-commerce market which was involved in online buying and selling has slowly changed over the past few years dominated by group buying deals and offers.


07 Jun 2012

The concept of marketing the products in bulk by attracting the people with big discount offers based on group buying was introduced by Groupon in the year 2008. Today, after 4 years, the concept has become wide spread over the market with many emerging groupon clone sites. The main idea of Groupon concept was to provide discount coupons for the buyers with interesting deals.


13 Feb 2011

You don’t need to worry about branding your new products and service. Before the Groupon presence businesses spent millions of dollars to establish their brands name. But it is not possible for small businesses to market their brand in the big way. It is not easy to sell thousands of products or services in a day particularly non-branded. Now it is easily possible by Groupon.


11 Feb 2011

There is one common fact that when people goes to buy a product they will look out for its features and also the advantages that they will get from that product. Here is the one like that where the people can get more advantage of it.
Features of Groupon Clone Script
Ndot’s Groupon clone is a user-friendly product.


10 Nov 2010

We are pleased to say that we have launched Groupon Clone script. Ndotdeals, a Opensource Groupon Clone Php script, the finest and inexpensive Groupon Clone Script available on the Net.
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