29 Dec 2016

With the advent of technology in smartphones and tablets, mobile apps enable users to do banking, purchase, pay bills, and enjoy entertainment, all with just few taps on the app. With the growing popularity of mobile applications, users save much time rather than spending more time on internet browsing.

20 Aug 2016

Mobile phones have become an inseparable entity, be it at work or at home. And consequently, mobile app development companies are racing to top the competition in developing innovative and advanced applications.
Here’s a glance through some of the trends that mobile app development companies have adopted to showcase in the next half of 2016.


11 May 2016

When used correctly and in conjunction with traditional mediums educational apps can help  children of all abilities.
Apps are interactive: Children enjoy learning more when they receive regular feedback as to their progress. With learning apps, likePlanet Boing, there is a system of rewards that encourage children to complete each level and earn rewards.


02 May 2016

Mobile health promises to enhance care and improve efficiency. However, health care leaders need solutions for protecting patient information shared on mobile devices, ensuring the interoperability of mobile devices with EHRs, and determining which apps are safest and most effective.Mobile devices are becoming as ubiquitous in the healthcare setting as they are in the rest of our lives.


19 Feb 2015

When we look at the top companies that are in the business today leading in the mobile application development, what is the primary factor that made them on the top ? Or is it one reason or a combination of it that makes a success formula? How are we to decide with respect to the requirements of a customer? In other words, how to find the right mobile application development company? Is it based o


13 Feb 2015

White Labeling is concept used where the company develops their products and services and sells it to third party company to brand and sell as their own. This is similar to building a car and selling them to another company and label them as their own and sell it themselves.


09 Jan 2015

Towards the end of 90’s and in early 2000’s mobile phone usage have been limited to just text messages and phone calls. But now this scenario has changed thanks to the smart phones. These set of phones have given access to people to create documents, share videos and so on gaining a name of a pocket computer.


28 Nov 2014

Mobile application development is at its peak with multiple platforms to support development such as Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry etc. App development in each platform is unique with distinct features. One has to select the right platform to develop apps based on requirements, each product and its infrastructure etc.
It is estimated that 52.


31 Jul 2014

The current working environment at any concern is incomplete without a smartphone. It may be used by the employees to exchange messages and indulge in social activities. If the same smartphone is utilized for managing an enterprise, then it will be the most effective way to keep the core work to be agile.


06 Sep 2013

People’s expectation towards a mobile app has increased with the increasing competition prevailing in the market. Due to this, companies tend to rush new mobile applications into the market quickly. This arises the need for updating the apps as per market need and customer feedback.