29 Dec 2016

With the advent of technology in smartphones and tablets, mobile apps enable users to do banking, purchase, pay bills, and enjoy entertainment, all with just few taps on the app. With the growing popularity of mobile applications, users save much time rather than spending more time on internet browsing.


19 Dec 2014

Predictions for the future of mobile application development is very much positive. University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) predicts that by 2016, the mobile app industry will grow tremendously to keep up with the demands of ever growing technology. About 10 million internet devices are expected to be in use in 2016.


03 May 2013

Most of the mobile application development companies are looking for innovative means of defining their business. Well, the innovation doesn’t stop at developing their business, it even goes to an extend where the mobile app companies implement it in their products and services.


15 Apr 2013

This year is quite filled with surprises and one of them is the recent announcement from Apple. As per the recent developments from the Apple’s corporate league, a new and killer app is going to take the iOS 7 to the next supreme version and beyond that.


12 Apr 2013

Nowadays, with the availability of countless apps in Google Play and Apple Application Store and not to forget even BlackBerry and Windows’ growing application stores, a lot has changed in the mobile industry. Most of the mobile app developers as well as entrepreneurs need to consider a lot when they start creating and designing new applications.


25 Mar 2013

In today’s economy, there is a thin line that distinguishes failure and success of a person. However, this tiny but impacting difference is greatly increasing and thanks to the development in the technology and the company’s eagerness to be successful. One of the best example for it is the mobile application development.


22 Feb 2013

Mobile phones have become an inevitable part of our life. It has become one of the important things that people cannot let go off it even if they try. Wherever they go, mobile phones have become an apt companion for them. The significance it has is so much great that at times they feel something is missing in their life when they leave behind their mobile phone.


11 Jan 2013

Music rules the heart and mind of every gender covering almost 90% of the population around the world. People have utilized various utilities like radio, tv, iPod, mobile phone, tablets, smartphones etc., to hear their favorite music. In this fast changing computer era, the medium to transfer music has also changed. It has become very common to get tuned with radio station via mobile phones.


31 Dec 2012

Today iPhone and Android have become the leading operating system for smartphones all around the world. Even the way people do business and their basic activities has changed, thanks to the mobile application development procedures of smartphones.
The mobile phone which was initially a communication tool has emerged as a great tool for the means of Internet communication and business.