11 Dec 2012

At last, HTML5 has come to enhance the HTML in multitude dimensions. Now handling the multimedia and graphics is so easy. HTML5 includes elements for <audio>, <video>, <canvas>, and even the integration of SVG content. The semantic value of the document can also be increased by the options like <section>, <article>, <header>, and <nav>.


01 Dec 2012

Previously, after a hectic shopping schedule, you must have walked miles to get a cab. What makes it more daunting is the heavy shopping bags tiring your shoulders and hands. Moments like these are the time when you wished if you could have an easy method of getting a taxi.
But now things have taken a new diversion.


06 Jul 2012

The mobile applications are the talk of the town since sales of smartphones have markedly increased in the market. These smart phones come with different platforms or operating system. The mobile application development companies are involved in developing different kinds of application under various categories such as games, entertainment, social networking, business related apps etc.


14 Jun 2012

The iPhone application development is considered to be one of the most money making business in this present mobile scenario. Though there are many platforms of mobile such as Android, Blackberry, Windows etc, the iPhone platform from Apple Inc has scored a clear sweep in the market by monitoring the quality and standard of apps that are developed.


12 Jun 2012

The mobile application development is an interesting field of IT development which has gained importance in the last few years. It is only due to the different kinds of mobile instrument makes and platforms that the need for developing applications for each platform has raised.


05 Dec 2011

we are developing various mobile applications like android apps, iPhone apps, blackberry and windows phone apps. We have developed more than 50+ daily deals mobile application in iPhone and android platform with worldwide customers.
Also we have released few game application and fun application. Its running well in apps store. we are keep developing many mobile games.