02 May 2016

Mobile health promises to enhance care and improve efficiency. However, health care leaders need solutions for protecting patient information shared on mobile devices, ensuring the interoperability of mobile devices with EHRs, and determining which apps are safest and most effective.Mobile devices are becoming as ubiquitous in the healthcare setting as they are in the rest of our lives.


25 Jan 2013

Technological advancement has become a blessing for many people and it is indeed for the healthcare and clinical industry. The challenges that the staffs go through in manually fixing appointments, rescheduling them, checking the availability of doctors, etc is a tedious task.


13 Sep 2012

In this current scenario, scheduling a patient appointment can be one of the hardest task since it depends on various variables like availability of doctor, the venue, availability of free time slots etc. The patients also find it difficult to contact the clinic since they have to approach during working hours. Sometimes they visit the hospital but do not get the appointment with the doctor.