17 Jun 2010

The text of a web page filled with appropriate keywords in the right place helps in search engine optimization. Similarly there are numerous ways to make web videos search engine friendly. Some ways to optimize websites through videos are mentioned below:

•You can add audio and video contents to the website You should label the kinds of formats, kind of platform and soft ware support etc.,.


14 Jun 2010

People find wondering that why their website is not getting good traffic inspite of all possible efforts. Frames are not read uniformly by all browsers and all search engines. One way to solve the problem is to use the <NOFRAMES> tag. This tag shows the search engines what they missed by refusing to follow the SRC links.


12 Jun 2010

The guidelines or rules have been developed according to the best practices inthe creation of websites and there are certain reasons why you or your website designer and programmer should comply with the W3C guidelines.
There are some reasons for the validation of websites.
Social networking devices such cellphones and PDAs should be able to access your website throught these devices.