23 Jan 2012

Social Media refers to the new kind of communication medium that includes blogs, micro blogs, wikis, video, podcasts, discussion forum, RSS feeds, photo sharing etc.  Some of the famous social media include WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Orkut etc.
These social media allows social networking among people through effective communication.


16 Aug 2011

My previous articles about link building techniques suggested profile building, forum comments and blog comments posting methods to get quality back links. In this article we will discuss link building techniques using social media websites particularly social networking sites and social bookmarking sites.
People use social media sites to communicate with friends and followers.


21 May 2010

There are lot many opensources available in building a soccial networking site. Its not about having the code is mean to build, so many factors are depends on it to starting a successful network. First of all we have to come up with a solid social networking concept ( Unique idea ). Next step is to select an opensource application suitable for our requirements.


03 Feb 2009

Social media are web / mobile to share your content across globe. Mr President Obama, Who is the biggest achiever of using benefits of social media. Social media is about content sharing including News, videos, photos & Audio.
There are lots of web 2.0 application providing social media features. Current decade have totally changed human lifestyle than before.