12 Jun 2010

j Query UI offers a set of interaction plugins UI widgets and visual effects. These core plug ins use j Query style, event driven architecture and a focus on web standards, accessibility It gives flexible style sheeting and user friendly design. All the J query plug ins are compatible with browsers IE 6 Firefox 2+,Safari 3.1+,Opera9.0+ and Google Chrome. This has been tested.


03 Jun 2010

Free Open Calais service and open API is the fastest way to tag people, places, facts and events in your  website content.
Open Calais is free to use in both commercial and non-commercial settings, but can only be used on public content. Open Calais does not keep a copy of your content, but it does keep a copy of the metadata it extracts there from it.


08 May 2010

Kohana  php is more suitable to use in building new and large scale projects. Social networking is revolutionizing the world. Service providers want to provide innovative services for their users. Users want plat form independent, hassle free service either through online applications or mobile applications.


01 May 2010

An Application Programming Interface (API) is an interface implemented by a software program. They can be executed by applications, libraries, and operating systems. Purpose of APIs is to determine the vocabulary and calling conventions. Thus may include routines, data structures,object classes and protocols used to communicate between the consumer and implementer.