The Magical e-shopping Experience

venkatesan | September 13 - 2013

The thrill of shopping has now become double with subscription commerce which use tablets and smartphones to shop from anywhere. Digital marketplace has become the new way of socializing and shopping. People prefer this new way of doing business instead of old model of selling the product units. The payments are also managed flexibly with a standard buying pattern and delivery.

Traditional ERP models which used SAP and Oracle for managing the business operations has been now replaced with cloud computing and ecommerce subscription. Market giants like Dropbox and Salesforce are ruling the business world with flexible data access without limitation on time or place. Customers can enjoy the Saas method ecommerce software to utilize pay-as-you-go pricing models with support of various billing tools. This has led to increase in subscription revenue by around 90% with an increase in customer base by 55%.

The ecommerce sites are plundering revenue by personalizing the site as per customer taste. User can register his taste and needs and get plenty of choices from the site which guides for shopping. Even few sites have stylists who recommend the user for shopping and gifting. Women customers range higher when compared to men since they get more choices from multiple stores. Who will not get eluded with more than 10000 products under one roof to make a choice?

The success of any subscription ecommerce lies with repeat customers who are motivated with the personal service and loyalty program. These customers can be a route for attracting more customers with their recommendation, likes, and comments on social media.

The subscription ecommerce is equally profitable for the stores and businesses who find centralized place for exhibiting their products. Subscription ecommerce is the magical unseen band that clubs customers and vendors to engage in buying and selling with maximum flexibility.