The Rising Need in Social Commerce

venkatesan | July 10 - 2012

Buying and selling being the most fundamental activities of commerce, the e commerce takes the same into the internet world.

The social commerce is focused around the customers by providing all possible medium to find their needs. The logic and success behind the social commerce is the customer relationship building via swift contacts. A recent study indicates that more than 80% of shoppers go with others recommendations. The voting for purchasing products through the social networks is also high upto 74%. This has enhanced the usage of social media by the users for activities relates to commerce.

The sophistication of integrated social networks with the shopping carts or store fronts is an added advantage for spreading the presence of the product or service using multiple channels. The social commerce also allows the consumers to compare the product pricing, features, or, quality before they purchase. The interconnected networks of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can find the interested customers without any personal canvasing or promotion.

The social commerce can also act like a feedback mechanism from public through the social networking sites with options for like, share, or voting on products before and after the launch. This also allows for establishing the brand name in the market. Thus, social commerce is trading based on customer-centric approach. Also, the structure of the social commerce is reflected as interconnected relationship with interactions between individuals which can enhance the buying and selling activities.

The idea of social commerce is implemented with many websites including Groupon, LivingSocial, Pinterest, etc which concentrates in e commerce activities. The introduction of social sites sharing with any application makes the working environment lively and increases the probability of sales and product recognition. The Social commerce holds a promising future in the market.