Tips to Boost Sales in Off-season or festive season Hotel Room booking

venkatesan | July 11 - 2014

Alas! Christmas is over and again the doors of hotels are wide open with a sigh to invite customers who are infrequent. This is the story of most of the hotels and restaurant during the off-season period. There may be less number of customers who may turn around for hotel booking during the off-season time. Managing the business during these period is an elephantine task since room booking goes dull.

The hoteliers announce offers and discount to attract the customers. For the described situation, online auction can be one of the simplest solution. The hoteliers can let the room booking based on auction such that customers can bid to book the rooms at the most competitive pricing. Introducing auction can also attract many customers because of its uniqueness in providing offers.

On hearing the word auction, people get the image of a auctioneer announcing the price and the bidders raising their voice to grab the attention. No, this is not the scenario in this modern gadget-filled world. Users can simply log in into the auction site to participate in the auction. This site can be integrated with the hotel’s primary website.

There are multiple auction script available in the market which can help the hoteliers to conduct the auction online. There are auction scripts which provide more than 10+ bidding types that are flexible for both the auctioneers and the customers. The hotel gets good recognition and may gain fame quickly in the market.

The hoteliers can announce the room booking based on auction with a defined starting price based on auction type. The customers can participate in the bidding by using biding packages. The winner of the auction can book the rooms at its best price (low price when compared to market).

The auction can be used for announcing offers during the festive season or during the off-season to attract customers. This is an innovative way for doing the business in the service sector. Customer service is improved as well as customers are benefited by availing the service at nominal cost.

Implementing the auction into the service sector is very simple using the ready-made auction script. The hoteliers have to simply buy the script and build the site. The script takes care of promotion with SEO friendly url and options to place ads.

Introducing auction for the hotel business can greatly commercialize the sales promotion while the hotel gains profit and fame. People get attracted with low pricing or bidding option. Both customers and hoteliers are mutually benefited with introduction of auction for booking the hotel rooms.