Three Things You Should Do When You Make A Groupon Clone Website

Nandakumar | February 10 - 2011

You may consider the following three points when a plan to make a Groupon clone website.


Do your designs so powerful, effective and user-friendly then visitors would not go anywhere from your site to buy products and services. Don’t disappoint the customer because of your deal. The deal which you publish should very useful for the customer and understandable for them. The expectations of the customers should be fulfilled because of your deal. If you make a deal in this way then the customers who are all not interested to buy the deal will also come to the deal. The offers should be real and should not create doubts in the people mind.


The customer should be provided money back guarantee if they don’t like your deal. Then your relationship with the customer’s will get stronger. This is also one way of giving trust to the customer and then they will start doing more deals with you. There are also some customer’s who will misuse the offer. The general contract / bond should be made between the buyer and seller before the deal is made.


There are also some situations where the clients can also give their own feedback regarding the deal. This kind of approach will definitely encourage the interaction between the customer and the company. The customer can also give the good and bad things regarding the product or service, so the company will get a chance to improve their product. The customer can also give their suggestions about a product or service of the company.  In this way the relationship between a seller and buyers will get stronger. The rating helps the company to keep contact with the honest customer’s. If you make a deal in this way then the sellers, buyers and Groupon clone websites will enjoy the benefits.