Tips for getting your IOS apps approved along the app store

venkatesan | February 3 - 2015

Today a great amount of IOS apps are being rejected by app stores almost daily. Some of the major causes include errors and glitches. In many cases IOS developers have got it wrong while entering a version number and also the API being used. There are numerous set of platforms available to help developers out to resolve these minor issues and getting their app approved. But as a basic thumb rule you should make sure that the apps are technically sound and compatible across various number of screen sizes and IOS versions.

Give in required details:

About 15% of the apps developed are rejected as there is no important details about the apps. Some of the vital details  for apps are as follows:
In addition to the e mail id the user requires to provide their contact number, mobile number etc.
All the APIs should be listed along with a short description.
If specific icons and images are used, it should be mentioned. Ensure that images and icons does not have a copyright issue.
If there are links to external websites then it should be mentioned with a short description.

Keep it simple:

Various app development teams and companies try to polish their app too much prior to sending it to the store. But the fact is more the number of times the app is polished, greater is the chance of them getting rejected. If this is the first time you have developed an app, extra care should be taken and it should be having the features what it is intended to do rather than having additional ones. It often takes time for a new app to get approved in the app store, but once it is approved you could change/add features later. Avoiding submitting your apps in beta or alpha version.

Stick to the rules:

Apple is quite stringent in its approach to accept applications which may find to be too ridiculous for a developer but the firm is making efforts to help their teams to choose an app which adds a rich user experience. Badly spelt tech jargon, usage of unpublished APIs, and designing app for violence are strictly prohibited ones. The application developed by you should be intended for good and named accordingly.

Creativity is the key:

Well there are about 300,00 apps in the store and for a budding developer it is quite tough to outrun the competition. But there is a great chance of doing well if there is a pinch of creativity present in your app. One should choose a niche which is not overly saturated. If there is an idea within you browse for the apps which have the similar ones and conforming yours as unique then start building your application. Finally while selecting developers for I Phone App Development choose the ones who have a good amount of experience to suit your needs.