Top 10 Android Benefits Over Apple iPhone

venkatesan | December 9 - 2014

There has been a tough competition prevailing between iPhone and Android and mostly iPhone overtakes Android with quality and standards of app. But there are still certain areas in which Android overtakes iPhone. The Android is one of the widely used platform in the world. Some of the benefits of Android over iPhone are discussed below.


Third party app store

Android has its own app store namely the Google Play. But apart from this, the users can download the app from third party app store such as Amazon Appstore, Getjar, or F-Droid. This facility is available only with Android whereas iPhone allows to download only from iTunes. Hence users can install application from other sources though it has its own risk.


Android apps are cheaper

The iPhone apps are definitely costly with devices sold at exorbitant prices. Whereas Android apps are cheaper with wide range of devices. The user base of Android is much more wider. There are plenty of free downloads as well as in-app purchases which makes the Android platform to be more reliable and cheaper.


Flexible UI

Android presents an user-friendly and flexible user interface (UI). Dynamic updates can be done with Android as well as other Google services like email, calendar, etc can be included with the app which makes the app to be feature-rich.


Cross-platform supportive

Android being an open source, it is flexible and supportive for working across multiple platforms. It is easier to handle Windows or Linux app on Android. The Android SDK supports to work across multiple platforms.


Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC is the best choice for cashless payments which is getting more recognition. Google wallet is one of the best example which is utilized by the Android platform. NFC can be used for making payments, creating digital visitor pass, and much more.



The open nature of Android allows to make changes in the core software of the OS. This makes tailor-made solution for different kinds of industry very specific to the environment. PrivatOS is a secured version of Android which allows to make or receive phone calls securely as well as exchange text, audio & video chat etc. All this is possible via encryption of data using a self-generating key that deletes itself after use.


Quality devices at low price

Many manufacturers are using the Android which has led to development of multiple devices. Motorola with the Moto G and Google with its Nexus 5 has made is possible to get high-quality phone at cheaper rates. Apart from these devices, there are plenty of them out there in the market which has made Android to be a favorable choice for many.


Cutting edge ideas

The open platform Android has proven records for developing cutting-edge ideas and moving them quickly into the market. Before iPhone introduces, the Android brings the innovation into the market. Android was first to support WiFi direct, WebP images etc.



Android presents a variety of wearables such as Google Glass which has the tint of advanced technology. Google has also given importance to virtual reality thus keeping its pace with the latest technology in the industry.


Choice for devices

Many hundred types of devices are developed for Android platform which includes screen ranging from 3 inches to 24 inches. There is collection of phones, phablets, 7 inches tablets, 10 inch tablets etc which is used for commercial to business purpose.