Top #6 Reasons to Choose Outsourcing Rather than In-house Development

venkatesan | September 15 - 2014

If you are in the brim of developing a mobile app for your startup or enterprise, then the next obvious question that arises in the mind is to develop the app in house or give it a mobile app development company to outsource the project. Some of the interesting points to choose between in-house and outsourcing are discussed below.

1. Expertise in all aspects of mobile development

The mobile app development is a systematic process which involves various stages like designing, coding, testing, feedbacks etc. All these aspects are handled by the mobile app development company quite easily with the years of experience.

2. Identifying talents

Dedicated resources may be costlier when compared to outsourcing. In-house development seeks hiring, training, and retention of the resource. Also the actual capacity of the developer has to be checked with different levels of interview. A complete mobile team with skilled resources with complete infrastructure should be organized in case of in-house development.

In outsourcing, there is no confusions since the well-managed team can conceive your project and deliver it with mostly hourly basis rate, monthly basis, or flat-rate basis. Small to large projects can be managed by the outsourcing team based on the selection of experienced developer/designer who will be available for hiring. Performance is ensured since they get the pay only when you get the desired output. Talents are exhibited with previous portfolios.

3. Hiring employees: The in-house setup has a team of developers and designers who cannot be easily removed from the job if the performance is low. But in case of outsourcing, the project can be canceled. Hence outsourced agency can be easily canceled while unproductive employee cannot be removed that easily which makes in-house development to be less dependable. More developers or testers can be easily employed or reduced in case of outsourcing without much difficulties. Experts can be put on work who have capacity to work on range of projects.

4. Infrastructure and support: In-house development requires the needed infrastructure to build the project. In case of outsourcing, one can remain tension-free as the development team will possess the infrastructure or you can choose an agency which has all the facilities. Good support is the most needed quality for successful outsourcing.

5. Scalability: Depending upon the mobile app project size, the outsourcing team can be engaged. There will be no issues like absenteeism or relieving from job,vacation breaks etc which arises in in-house development. The workload and size of resource (infrastructure or manpower) can be expanded or narrowed as required for the project in case of outsourcing via agencies or mobile app development company.

6. Cost effective: Outsourcing to offshore companies or mobile app development companies can be cost effective when compared to in-house project development which requires dedicated employees and infrastructure.

Hence outsourcing can be the best choice when compared to in-house development for various reasons discussed above. Some of the special reasons to outsource with an agency, consultant, or service provider are:

* Specialized skill set requirement can be met

* If the project requires special equipments, then it is wiser to choose an outsourcing company

* If the task is seasonal or scalable then in-house may not be effective.

* If the task is not for full time and may require skilled labor only for limited period then outsourcing is feasible.

* If the requirement is temporary in nature then outsourcing is better choice.

Outsourcing Benefits

Experts can be hired for doing your project. Annual salaries can be saved by hiring the resources for flat rate, monthly, or hourly basis. Operational efficiency and skills can be gained.

Outsourcing demerits

It is your obvious need to find a skilled resource which may sometimes be time consuming. Cost may be higher in few cases. Good resources are always busy which may leave you with no free dates.

Balanced hiring: In-house projects can be affordable where there is no need for extra skills or infrastructure in addition. Projects must be able to manage with the existing resource. Otherwise, outsourcing can be a wise choice for seasonal projects which may require the consultation of experts. In few cases, the experts can be hired for part of the project and the remaining project can be managed within the in-house facilities.