Traditional CRM Vs Social CRM

Nandakumar | May 16 - 2012

Social CRM is the evolution of traditional CRM. The key difference is that social CRM is based on the customer engagement where as traditional CRM is on managing customer data. The challenges for organization is now adapting and evolving to meet the needs and demand of new customer. Social CRM is more influential than traditional CRM in many way, some of the reasons are as follows –

Traditional CRM

  • Traditional is about collecting and managing customer data
  • Its deals with the direct advertisement with the aim of boosting up sales.
  • Its a sales driven process by collection customer data
  • customer service operation done within the hour
  • Traditional CRM is a defined channel
  • Its takes longer time to roll out and requires to be directly networked
  • Business hours is set for stipulated period where as in SCRM customer set the hour
  • Here company directly contact the customer to receive the feedback
  • Purpose was to move the customer through a pipeline with the goal of keeping the customer to come back.

Traditional CRM has improved operational effectiveness, inter departmental collaboration and they are easier to access the information. It focuses mainly on implementing and automating processes. Where as social CRM adds up the missing dimension to traditional CRM

Social CRM

  • Its a strategy for social engagement
  • The first and fore most thing is that its from business owning the communication to customer owning the communication
  • Designed to engage the customer in collaborative conversation
  • Higher bi directional component than traditional CRM
  • Fast reactivity is also an important factor
  • Enriches two way relationship between social customer and business
  • Customer driven dynamic channel
  • Customer get the information from the company 24/7
  • No direct advertising carried out deals with the customer engagement and conversation
  • Its a direct pathway to potential customer
  • customer receive immediate response using the preferred platform
  • Makes us get still more closer with the customer
  • Here customer share their experience with millions through online.
  • Its quick and requires no networking cable

Social CRM is developing completely in different need , the need is to attract the attention of the customer and overcome the business challenges. It adds the dimension of connecting with potential customers. CRM’s overall goal is to find, attract and win new clients.