Trends in Consumer Market and Mobile Commerce

venkatesan | August 8 - 2012

Consumers are the real market players in the field of commerce since they determine the demand in the market. The marketers have estimated the buying power and strategical calculation of the consumer mind. Normally, the buying instinct was supposed to be based on occupation and wages. The consumers were categorized based on rural and urban. But in reality, the theory proved to be wrong since both the people had equal potential and desire to buy the products which otherwise was meant for the rich cadre.

This changing trends and attitude have made many changes in the consumer market. The commerce which spread into the internet market as e-commerce has now slowly penetrated into the mobile world to be called as m-commerce.

The mobiles are prevalent across all cadre of consumers from urban to rural. People are preferring the mobile commerce because of its flexibility. It makes it possible for the consumers to reach the marketers at anytime from anywhere.

The mobile commerce has created a new trend in the field of marketing. The group deals and offers, which otherwise could have taken more time to sell, takes very less time to reach the consumers. This m-commerce medium is advantageous because the promotions will never go unnoticed. The pattern of consumer’s spending money have changed greatly.

The e-commerce market is being slowly converted into the m-commerce market. There is a huge demand in the market for all types of m-commerce products. Some of the mobile commerce product’s concentration focus on shopping, ticketing, business promotion, locating hospitals, patient appointment scheduling etc

The consumers are more canvased to choose the m-commerce medium for shopping because of its convenience. It has become common now-a-days among the people to avail the group deal offers and shop other products using the mobile phone. The consumers also use the m-commerce medium to compare the product quality and get the knowledge about the products and its price.

Since spending of money is safe for the consumer using Paypal or credit cards, the mobile commerce has been voted by the consumer as customer-friendly medium for all commerce activities.