New Trends in Mobile Application Development

| August 20 - 2016

Mobile phones have become an inseparable entity, be it at work or at home. And consequently, mobile app development companies are racing to top the competition in developing innovative and advanced applications.

Here’s a glance through some of the trends that mobile app development companies have adopted to showcase in the next half of 2016.

Integrating IoT Technology

As Internet of Things (IoT) technology is growing rapidly, integrating IoT with mobile devices is expected to help enterprises across all verticals, with Healthcare, Automobile and Banking sectors already experimenting on the same.

App Safety Measures

With mobile applications in spotlight, the information that these applications are subjected to, make their security a great concern. Be it iOS or Android, vulnerabilities to security breaches are many. As backlashes of a security breach can be devastating, developers consider various techniques for securing an app through appropriate security strategies. With all these said and done, if users decide to remove all the built-in security of a mobile operating system, the app specific protections can no longer be expected to keep the data safe.

Cloud-based Mobile App

There’s no more of storing data and processing power on local computers and devices. Cloud technology has ushered in a tremendous possibility for progress around the digital world, enabling offline storage of data and improving processing capabilities. Over the next decade, the world would witness more dynamic computing standards with cloud resources in the lead.

Enterprise Mobile App

The term Mobile Enterprise Application gained momentum in recent days, considering its potential to integrate mobile applications with enterprise databases and become an integral part in the functioning of an organisation’s operations. Enterprise mobile apps pave way to high-end enterprise solutions accelerating better business results.

Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

With rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, it has come to a point where human and artificial intelligence have become indistinguishable. The integration of the two technologies provides experiences more unique and subjective, taking technology into new directions allowing enterprises across all sectors to collaborate and integrate with visual influences.