Trendy Mobile Apps that Triples Taxi Business

venkatesan | June 7 - 2013

Gone are the days when people hail to get taxi. The latest trend of engaging a taxi is through mobile applications. All the operations are on the fingertips to book a taxi comfortably. The user has to enter the details like type of taxi one would like to hire such as a/c, non a/c, wheel chair accessibility etc. Then the user has to select the destination and the current pick-up place. Once these information are entered, the ETA and fare is calculated automatically which can be viewed by both user and driver.

The status of the taxi such as free or board is shown by the apps. The taxi driver has all the rights to either accept a job or reject a job. On the other hand, the user can also cancel, prepone, or postpone the taxi booking using the mobile application. The GPS facility allows to track the arrival of the taxi. User can always spot the taxi on the map while the taxi drivers can also spot the customer place through the application.

Taxicab mobile application reduces your tension of hailing taxis by making the smartphones as interactive medium to book taxis. The taxi company can manage multiple taxis under one roof which can help them to manage their business.

Taxicab application can be very useful for both the taxicab owners as well as the end users. The taxi owners can manage the taxi remotely while the end user can engage a taxi through their mobile. Push notifications can be send to the customer’s mobile to keep them informed about their booking and other offers provided by the company which can make them happy with best customized service.

Taxicab application can be very useful for the taxi companies to manage their cabs easily and monitor their schedules and keep the taxi engaged for deriving more profits. If you are in need of Taxicab mobile app please contact us through or else contact-us