Versatility of Blue print

techie | June 14 - 2010

You can use the online generator to create any size grid you want as well With Blue print CSS you can set a unique and original style sheeting  and there is no problem in  displaying them in currently-used browsers.
For the IE5 browser compatibility it self a designer or developer has to write a lot of CSS. Blue print eliminates this risk. Typography could also be selected to the choice of the website. If you are going to revisit the XHTML at redesign time user id visual class will not affect your work.
A designer can complete their process by using other templates and tools that utilize the same grid system. Plug ins can make grid fluid or allow sprites to be added. Plug ins are fancy type, RTL right to left and column layout support, buttons, link, link file types, external etc. Tabs, Liquid blue print, silk sprite integrates, silk icons set as sprites are some of the options.
If you want to add any template based on photo shop it can be easily customized with Blue print. Good solid works with blue print are simple and learners can also handle it skillfully. It is compliant with all most all browsers and it has got flexibility. Changes in style sheeting can be delivered quickly.
Semantic applications are handled well by Blue print. We, at have got the expertise to develop websites using CSS. offers N.Sandwich that will work as standalone platform or it can be integrated into your existing website.