Video content optimization

techie | June 17 - 2010

The text of a web page filled with appropriate keywords in the right place helps in search engine optimization. Similarly there are numerous ways to make web videos search engine friendly. Some ways to optimize websites through videos are mentioned below:
•You can add audio and video contents to the website You should label the kinds of formats, kind of platform and soft ware support etc.,.
•You have to mention the downloading time of the audio or video. This will depend on the connection speed.
•Placement of keywords in the link text should be both search engine and user friendly.
•You should add a descriptive title to the web video.
•The title of the video based website must be descriptive use the exact keywords and phrases, that will explain the total content of video. It should grab the attention of target audience as well as the search engine robots.
•Video and audio content should be interactive. Give text to audio and video. It should be read by the search engines and different target audiences should be able to understand the concepts.
•Use RSS feeds to make the multimedia files public.
•Use suitable RSS feeds in order to make multimedia files public.
•You have to submit web videos on online video sharing websites you tube, Google video, hulu, daily motion,   my space video  etc.,
•You can review video and multimedia files
•Multimedia file and web videos must be reviewed from time to time.
•It is fruitful, if the website map of the web video is added in the major search engines namely Google, Yahoo and Bing and you can drive maximum traffic.
•Website map of the web video is added in the major search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing and Then only it is easier for the web crawlers to crawlthe website.
•A video based website can have blogs in the website. People might have hosted their videos in only video sharing websites. There are free blog sites and you can create a blog for this video based website.
This is an important marketing strategy currently in the development stage.