Virtual Mobile Classroom App – Revolutionizing the Education Industry

Nandakumar | December 10 - 2012

The current generation of learners expect a lot from the education system. Their expectations have risen to the extend that they want more and better media, freedom and interactivity to learn from anywhere of their choice. Rather than sitting in a classroom and getting enclosed in the boundaries of the clogged theories and practicals, learners or the so called students want to explore how much interesting and interactive gaining knowledge is.

Educators will truly agree with this demand of students as technology has risen to the extend that using powerful tools, games, videos, and apps, students can be taught about how much exciting the world of education is. One such crucial tools is the virtual mobile classroom application.

So how much effective is the virtual mobile classroom app? Seemingly, lets check it out –

Innovative Way of Learning:- Imagine a classroom where there are no students, but systems connected to each other interacting and discussing with the main computer i.e. the professor. A virtual classroom sans physical body. The best part of the classroom application is that a student can login from his or her mobile and take courses and interact with the professor and other students. The same is the case for the professor.

Interactive Discussions and Presentation:- Just because all the students and professors are hooked up on their Smartphone or iPhone, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be any interaction. For interacting, you don’t need a physical presence. The classroom apps have an interactive chat system that enables both professors and students to communicate with each other. It is a kind of real time communication with online users. Not only that there is an option of creating slide shows and sharing it with everyone, it makes it possible for students as well as teachers to refer it as and when required.

Monitoring the Students:- The virtual classroom application creates an environment of university classes where the professor can monitor what the students are doing. They can see what websites the student is visiting while taking classes and block them.

Video Conferencing and Online Quizzing:- Professors can show live models, experiments, etc through video conferencing. Not only that real time image and voice transformation can take place using the video conferencing technique in the classroom application.

Easy Uploading of Files:- One thing that students are really going to enjoy is that no longer, they would need textbooks. They don’t need to buy them or at least physically carry them. They can easily get the subject details, exercises, test paper by simply downloading them. Also they can share them with other students and present it to the professor.

Frankly, the aspect of the virtual world and classroom may be mystical for some, but on a large this virtual world or classroom exist for the people. The way the students interact, gain knowledge, research, etc is something noteworthy of the online classroom application. It creates an era where no physical contact or communication takes place, but people especially students can gain access to the world wide knowledge at a faster pace.