Visibility of website content

techie | June 14 - 2010

People find wondering that why their website is not getting good traffic inspite of all possible efforts. Frames are not read uniformly by all browsers and all search engines. One way to solve the problem is to use the <NOFRAMES> tag. This tag shows the search engines what they missed by refusing to follow the SRC links.
Basically, you copy the content from your included body and navigation frames into the main frame page, including them between <NOFRAMES> and </NOFRAMES>.
By putting your navigation and your home page content into the <NOFRAMES> part of your Main Frame, you are enabling the spiders to see what the visitor would see when visiting your site. You are also enabling the spiders to follow your links to the other content pages on your site. Your content pages will not contain your navigation because you’ve put that in your Navigation File. So, your visitors will be able to see your content, but they cannot see any of your main navigation links.
Website visitors will be at dead end. They are forced to follow the links that you’ve given or included in your content. People who use/develop framed sites will place their corporate identity material site name, header, logo in one frame to keep it at the top of the page at all times. Search engine visitors/crawlers who visit these content pages will not be able to see your corporate identity material (site name, header, and logo) if you do this.
There is a one alternative to this problem is to put code on each of your content frame pages that redirects visitors to your main frame page when they visit one of your content frames directly from a search engine. If you have placed just one Main Frame page, then all your search engine visitors will automatically be redirected to your home page.
Search engines do not like this actually they want to crawl a lot of pages in the website easily and quickly. You will have to develop a unique Main Frame page for every page of your website as every one want visitors to be redirected to the page they intended to visit. For this you have to use a Java redirect script that is unique on each content page. This Java script will check to make sure that the content page was loaded by a Main Frame page. Incase it is not loaded this Java script will check to reload the browser using a Main Frame page, so that the visitor sees the navigation and content.
You can improve your user’s experience with your site so that the search engines can see your content as your visitors are intended to see it. We, at have the experience to fine tune your website for visibility.