How to Get Visitors for Groupon Clone Websites?

Nandakumar | March 29 - 2011

Do you want to know how to get visitors to your newly launched Groupon clone website? It is easy to make your own group buying website in hours. Purchasing a domain name, hosting space and designing a good Groupon clone website with logo would cost around few hundred dollars. Having a website does not mean of visitors will be coming to your websites to buy your products and service.

Lot of promotional activities should be done to improve your site performance. Conventional advertisement methods will be costlier but will bring hundreds of visitors to your sites.

Some of the cost effective methods are there to promote your Groupon clone website other than newspaper and TV advertisements. I will give you one simple method to get traffic to your start up website.

Search Engine Marketing:

Search engine majors Google, Yahoo and MSN/Bing offer search results in organic methods and offer advertisement service in the top of the search results and right side of the search page by mentioning sponsored links.

Advertiser will pay the amount when user click the ad and visit their web page otherwise no need to pay money to the search engines. It is also known as pay per click method. Search engines like Google use the third party websites to display their advertisements and search results. Content ads are in the word format and image/graphic ads are other type.

It is easy to setup your ad campaign in the search engine marketing company like Google Adwords. Some simple steps are involved in sign up procedure. You have to pay small start up cost to run your Groupon clone web site ad campaign. At the end of the month your advertisement cost will be billed to your account. So you will pay after successfully running the campaign for one month.

You can easily track the visitor details such as city, country, medium, pages visit, purchase etc through integrated free Google Analytics tool. You can control the cost per click and set the daily and monthly budgets. It is very easy to calculate your ROI.
Search engine Marketing is one the best advertisement method in online and cost is very low compared to traditional methods.

If you have no previous experience in running Google Adwords campaign to promote Groupon clone website Ndot offers this service at low cost.