Five Best Ways to Promote your Business Online

venkatesan | March 2 - 2015

Simply in a nutshell, building an online presence for your business gives you a lead over other competitors at all times!

Getting Started with a Website:

Google provides you with necessary tools to create a website of your own with very minimum time and cost. It gives you guidelines to improve your website and maintain ‘webmaster tools’ by signing up with Google. Visit and . The links furnishes a lot of information on building websites, maintaining and the research analysis namely, Google Analytics helps to analyze visitors behavior, keywords, locations and conversions etc.

When you have entered your business details like address, name etc, Google will verify your business location and other checks. After that Google creates a page on Google Plus. Also Yelp, Yahoo, Yellow Pages are good examples of managing your business over the internet.

Linking or integrating with social networking sites

Link your website information to social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. In this way it broadens your customer base and marketing in social media sites gives you the much needed publicity that you are looking for.

Going the Mobile Way

Make your website enhanced by promoting it through smartphone apps and tablets. Since research shows that an appreciable volume of population use mobile devices for searching and customers use the GPS tracking to locate the proximity of a business place, mobile advertisement or mobile apps go a long way in improving your business rather in a very direct and easier way!

Organic Search

Instead of having a paid advertising model, free organic searches in Google or Yahoo will fetch you good promotion. Putting your website with the right information is the essence of getting noticed by the search engines.

Online Advertising and Marketing

Paid advertisement methods such as PPC and PPM will get more potential customers at additional cost. Compared to other promotion methods paid internet marketing is mensurable, productive and cost efficient. Google Adwords, Bing Ads and BuysellAds are the best platforms to promote your business online.

Press Releases, Blogging

Submit press releases and news on the popular PR service sites like, 24/7 Press Release, I-Newswire etc. Some of them provide free options as well. Blogs are more a commentary about your business and hook the customers about the status of your current business environment.