Ways to Promote, Share Your brand on Facebook

Nandakumar | May 14 - 2010

Brand sharing with facebook, the world’s no 1 social network & no 2 in all the web is always an key point for marketers. There are few better ways to promote your brand.

Steps to promote your Brand in facebook:

i) Target your audience with Group, sex, interest & locality
ii) Connect with them using Pages, groups, Applications
iii) Listen to your audience what they speak & how to promote your brand. Its not wise that to start marketing your brand instead of listening.
iv) Communicate with them, mostly listening. When ever you get a chance to offer / promote do it. So wait for that time.
v) Have some target graph, refer your graph often about achieving your targets. But its not a one day goal, so don’t expect something happen in a day / week.

Our company NDOT is researching a different perspective of Social Media. We planning to launch that product very soon to hit the market.

Have a nice day ahead everyone 🙂