Web Development Resources

venkatesan | April 4 - 2011

A web developer wants to improve his skills by learning new methods and using latest technologies and constantly working towards improve their skills. They always seek new web development resources to support their work and to make work easier. Some of the tools given below will be useful for new web developers as well as experienced.

1.W3 schools

A well organized web development resources site. All most all of the web developers know this site very well and some of you may be used the tutorials in the site in your beginning stage for learning programs like PHP and ASP. For tutorial related Google searches W3 School is placed in first position for the keywords like PHP tutorial and ASP tutorial.

You can find the tutorials, examples and tips from beginners to expert developers.


Dzone a link sharing community site is a Digg for developers. You can find lots of software, original tutorials, tips etc through shared source.

3. WebSitePulse Test Tools

Test a website fast with WebsitePulse test tools and get the details about a site response time, file size, link errors and DNS.

4. Firebug Firefox Extension

Firebug is a well known and widely used tool by web developers and designers around the world for debugging issues. One can easily edit the styles using this tool and can see a real website in the browser.

5. W3C Validation Services

It is a website validation site. If you enter a website it displays errors for the given website as per the standard. Some of the important validators are CSC validation, Link checker, and feed validation.