What you mean “We are delivering Quality IT products/services” ?

Nandakumar | July 15 - 2010

We are always talking about quality whenever we interact people in our daily lives. We always look for quality/hygienic food/tea/water from a roadside small food mobile shop. As for i know, in terms of their customers or cost, they are delivering quality at their extend. You know guys, how many times we had faced quality issue in real life.

Fine, lets come to the point of IT services. How many of you confident enough to understand quality of your deliverable that meeting your customer requirements ? How many of you meeting the timeline ? How many of you not losing even a single customer in behalf of quality & timeline ?

Hope i will get positive result count ‘0’ for all the above questions. Quality doesn’t mean that How satisfied you are, its about how satisfied your customers are.

So now how many of us defines what Quality means in IT services ?

There are few terms that meeting customer quality. Customer defines quality in combination of cost, time & requirements. Cost is directly proportional to time.In IT industry quality has lot of influence in following things.

1) Requirements – We have to understand customer requirements, get clarification on every single dot of their requirements, get confirmation from them & providing them with a timeline.

2) Rework – We shouldnt assume things & deliver things on IT services. May be its not always suitable, but in most cases it does. Avoiding rework will not make your client frustrated.

3) Time – Whenever you giving your timeline to your deliver, have some buffer time, be confident enough to deliver things before time. Do not try to show yourself as more than what you are capable of. Every one of us respect time.

4) Cost – Again when you targeting some time bound delivery, make sure you are very clear with understanding of requirements. In future, you may discover new things may double the work. Its better do that when you starting, instead of middle or end. It will give you a severe damage, as well as to the client.

Finally , quality is about what the customer wants and expects and how your business, as the product or service provider, delivers on that.

Quality should not come from when some one reviewing / testing your system. You have to code it or Design it.