Will iPhone 5C Hit the Market?

venkatesan | August 9 - 2013

Market is highly expecting a new arrival in iPhone family. It is widely believed that Android is cheaper than iPhone phone. Contradicting to this statement, it is unofficially brought to the media that iPhone is going to release its new cheaper version of poly carbonate handset which is till now has become popular as iPhone 5c.

Analyst believe that new iPhone 5c will be having the similarities to iPhone 5 with same screen size and button layouts adhering to the standard of Apple’s premium smartphone. Taking into the account to cheapness, the probability of budget shrinkage would have been chip set or camera with fewer megapixels or something else. Till now, what is going to be arrived inside with iPhone 5c is still a big question since everything is written and flared only based on few photo leaks.

From the few images that media have, it is very clear that iPhone lovers will have something reserved in the booty with colorful back covers and sneaky outlook that can be glamorous within the budget. Apple’s new innovation shall not go waste and is awaited to be released by this year end.

Meanwhile, research analyst Milunovich predicts that the release of cheap iPhone 5c may affect the sales of iPhone 5. This upcoming model of iPhone 5c or sometimes called as iPhone lite is expected to capture 53% of total smartphone sales by Apple next year, while it may contribute only up to 3% of total iPhone sales in 2013. The company may sell about 92 million units of iPhone 5c but it may hurt company margin due to low price.

Whatever may the predicts and expectation, people love to have a cheaper mobile from a standard company which has its own reputation in the market. Therefore, lets keep finger crossed until the real handset from iPhone enters the market.