Which is wise? Hire PHP developer or Employ PHP developer?

venkatesan | October 24 - 2014

PHP is a general purpose server side scripting language. It is very much useful for building ecommerce applications and other dynamic sites. PHP developers can be employed or can be hired on conditional basis to complete the project. Some of the advantages of choosing between hire PHP developer and employing PHP developer are discussed below.



Hiring an experienced developer is an essential aspect for the success of your project. Mostly employed PHP developers may be restricted in their skillset as they have experience in specific area. Whereas, we can hire the developers with desired skillset that is required for particular project. Hiring an experienced developer is cheaper than employing experienced developers for full time.



It may be a good idea to employ dedicated PHP developers but they may not be able to handle multiple queries depending on different skill requirement. On the other hand, hiring PHP developers can be very much affordable without compromising on productivity. You get the best ROI for the hired developers.



The previous work done by the developers i.e., portfolio reflects the creativity and skill of the developer. One can view the portfolio of the developers before hiring them for the particular project such that your project is assured of success. Portfolio can be useful for selecting the right candidate for the job by hiring them for certain projects based on their past work.



Employing a developer has its own limit. The developer may not work on weekends to complete the projects within time limit. In case of hiring developers, they work on project basis and may be committed to complete your project on time at your convenient timings. Since they are hired on hourly basis, they may utilize the timings at best possible way to develop your project.


Technical skills

Employed developer may have limited skillset. In case of hire PHP developers, the technical background of the developer may be checked before hiring. Apart from PHP, the developer should also have knowledge about HTML, Ajax, MySql, CakePHP, Zend etc. You can test the developer and hire them for the project as per your need instead of employing full term employees who may not be flexible to exhibit various skills.


Communication skills

Communication is very much essential for the developer to communicate with the client and understand the project more clearly to develop the required project. The developer must have good communication skill to manage the project development and delivery promptly by interacting with the customers.


Cost effectiveness

In case of employing developers, the company may have to pay monthly salary even when there is any project or not. By hiring developers from software development companies, the customer may pay only for the worked hours with flexible hiring methods. This can be very much cost effective since you pay only for hours utilized for developing project. Also, you may put terms to pay the company only when the particular project is completed which is an added advantage of hiring developers.



The projects can be developed from anywhere at anytime just by logging into the network. This nature of the project makes it flexible to develop projects by hiring developers from reputed web development companies. The queries are answered more responsibly by the hired developers who are more accessible.


SEO friendly

The developed project must be SEO friendly. The hired developers have more commitment in developing PHP projects that are search engine friendly and are more appealing to the end user. While hiring developers, we can insist them to develop SEO friendly sites as a part of agreement, but while employing developers, separate team for managing the SEO part maybe required. Hence hiring developers is affordable.



The project quality is assured by the experience of the developer. Engaging or employing an experienced person who is skilled in many technologies may be a costly affair. Instead hiring the experienced person just for the particular project may be cost effective as well as ensure quality.



It is wise to hire PHP developers rather than employing PHP developers. The hired developers may build your project more cost effectively with custom support services. Incase if your company needs developers on a daily basis then it may be wise to employ dedicated developers. Otherwise, hiring developers may be the best choice.