WSML, epistemology, and semantic web applications

techie | June 7 - 2010

WSML is extension of a significant part of RDFs.WSML language cannot  do full treatment of blank nodes. Rule based WSML variants are provided an express rule of a language which can be used for manipulation of RDF data. WSML uses epistemology that will abstract from the underlying logical languages. WSML separates between conceptual modeling  for the non experienced users and the logical modeling of an expert user. WSML will not distinguish for input/output and their descriptive elements of the complete service. WSML also offers possibility to create  non monotonic logic programming.
WSML is a language for the specification  of different  applications related to the semantic web. Web service modeling ontology differentiate  logical language paradigms and unifier in one syndicated frame work the use of proven reason technical WSML, human readable syntax, that makes a separate concept and logical syntax conceptual mode from the users point of view language independent meta model WSMO while not restricting for the expressive uses.
With use of IRIs previous use of XML and RDF,  WSML  is a language based the principles of semantic web and allows seamless integration with other semantic web language and applications.
Definitely of an interoperability layer  to description logic and rules paradigm in the  of WSML -core enables the use and applications same core ontology. This is supported by descriptive logic reasoners using logic programming reasoners.
WSML of the application of the WSML are further studied for various use cases and editors and tools.WSML are further improved to get maximum result.