Node.js development solutions

Every extraordinary business idea requires transformative technology and the right solution provider - NDOT leverages the powerful Node.js platform to craft robust applications.
From stunning front-end to high-performing back-end, we deliver innovative web and mobile application solutions.

Suited for enterprise & modern apps

From designing real-time apps, streaming platforms to complex enterprise apps, the Node.js technology powers all your ideas into engaging solutions.

Improved scalability

Today’s applications demand scalability and performance - NodeJS and its asynchronous, event-driven model deliver just that.

Better adaptability

With its impressive load capacity and data exchange capabilities, the JS runtime environment is ideal for building both web and mobile applications.

Faster development

With its lightweight design and suite of tools, the technology provides speedy development and improved productivity for better efficiency.

Our Expertise


Intelligent business applications

Real-time apps, data streaming & more

From chat applications, social networking platforms, e-Commerce web portal, data streaming to innovative IoT-based applications, NDOT designs nimble, high-performing solutions. We break your ideas and vision down to the nitty-gritty to deliver scalable solutions that are capable of realizing your business goals today, and in the future.

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Strategic solution partners

API, Plug-in, CMS development & more

Our NodeJS developers are experts in handling everything from server-side development to plug-in development. We also cater to developing content management systems and integrating various APIs. With technology steering our every idea, we bring intelligent solutions that give your business a competitive edge.

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Why choose NDOT

Experienced innovators

While our journey of 11+ years in the industry has made us technology leaders, our team of inquisitive minds couples the experience with breakthrough technology to deliver disruptive solutions.

Simplistic approach

Our approach is pretty straightforward - we keep your ideas in the front while our technological skills breathe them into reality to create an engaging, stimulating work environment.


NDOT has transformed business ideas of 200+ clients from across the globe. From B2B to B2C, we understand what every audience segment needs to gain better results.

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